Hosszú távú ún. charter szerződések alapján mintegy:

  • 15 tilt trucks
  • 35 pieces of kippers
  • 10 pieces boxed frigo trucks are continuously available to load
Additional capacity :
  • 10 pieces van (4-8 pallets)
  • 7.5 to 5 pieces. mass respectively
  • 3 pieces lift rear panel trucks

 The 1-24 ton tilt trucks and boxed/frigo trucks with its main activity is defining the proportion of full truck loads delivery system. We have the right tools and powers to transport dangerous (ADR) goods and we have great practical in oversize, overweight, cooling and temperature control required in the transport of goods. In addition to our specialty are partloads which are economical door to door transports to organize and manage all export and import directions.
. The claim of our client have been called with time limits, as Just-In-Time transportation system is performing, mostly clients foreign-owned plants in Hungary, including the automotive supplier companies. For this activity is very great help and security for us that our vehicles are equipped with mobile phones and most of them are also equipped with satellite tracking system.

Nearly all European countries can be found between the level of transport reliability guarantee provided in this area that our company, in partnership with our company, combined forwarding and insurance of carriers(CMR) have a maximum of 200.000,-EUR.